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Graphics cards: Sapphire Radeon MINING Edition

Finally there is certainty. Sapphire launched a few Radeon MINING graphics cards with 4 GB and 8 GB graphics memory. Pre-sale is live at www.overclockers.co*. The Radeon MINING cards have no display connection. They are developed for one purpose only: Mining! Following models are at pre-sale: Radeon RX 560 Pulse MINING Edition 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express […]

Trading Ethereum on Huobi and OKcoin

The market capitalisation of Ethereum is rising constantly. At the time of writing the market capitalisation according to Coinmarketcap is above $22.9 billions. Hence one Ether is almost worth $250. The increasing value is the result of the growing interest in cryptocurrencies in general and Ethereum in particular. The development of Ethereum is running hot […]

When will Casper/PoS arrive – Stage 1

Casper/PoS: Stage 1 The full migration from PoW to PoS is expected in the next 1 to 2 years. The implementation of Casper will take several steps. In Stage 1 Ethereum will transition from pure proof of work to hybrid PoW+PoS and this stage is probably close to be finished.  Stage 1 implementation includes two […]

Ethereum Enterprise, the rising market price and the long-awaited PoS

What is Ethereum Enterprise? Ethereum is currently in its evolved Homestead phase, a lot of companies and banks including: Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, Intel, Thomas Reuters, BP, ING, UBS, Santander, Credit Suisse and many more got their eyes on Ethereum. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) emerged from the great interest in Ethereum and its wide-ranging applications. […]

Ethereum Roundup: Valentine’s Day Edition

In his Valentine’s report “Ethereum R&D Roundup: Valentine’s Day Edition“, Vitalik Buterin speaks about the current Ethereum development: During the last two months, there has been progress in the implementation of zk-SNARKs, in collaboration with the Zcash team. Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir and some others have continued on the “proof of stake” front. The focus […]

Introduction of the Light Client for DApp developers

The Ethereum Light Client for developers was introduced. It is still in an early stage of development and will have more or less the same features as the full client. The Ethereum Light Client has some inherent limitations, which can be found in the original post from Zsolt Felföldi: “Introduction of the Light Client for DApp […]

December 2016 Roundup – The Ethereum Progress

A lot happend with Ethereum in December 2016. Find an overview with further articles in the “December Roundup” on the Ethereum Blog. Inlcuding different topics like: privacy technology and zk-SNARKs the history of CASPER from Vlad Zamfir’s standpoint Proof of Stake: Vitalik Buterin’s Design Philosophy various discussions and development proceedings