Trading Ethereum on Huobi and OKcoin

The market capitalisation of Ethereum is rising constantly. At the time of writing the market capitalisation according to Coinmarketcap is above $22.9 billions. Hence one Ether is almost worth $250. The increasing value is the result of the growing interest in cryptocurrencies in general and Ethereum in particular. The development of Ethereum is running hot at all levels. Find the current status at Vitalk Buterins Roundup Round III post.

Ethereum trading was launched at Huobi and OKcoin

Two of three major exchanges in China – Huobi and OKcoin launched Ethereum-trading. This opens a huge market for Ethereum and will rise the trading volume. Huobi told the main reasons for the implementation of Ethereum-trading in an official announcement:

  • Ethereum could exceed Bitcoin in many aspects: costs, scability and speed were emphasized.
  • The rising popularity of Ethereum and
  • the recurring requests from traders to launch Ether-Trading.



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